vendredi 3 août 2012

San Francisco, Crissy Fields

Au pied du golden Gate, un ancien aérodrome militaire transformé en cluster créatif et en espace humide ("wetlands") : biodiversité, saut en trampoline et escalade.

Extrait de la notice Wikipédia (ici) :
"Crissy Field is a former airfield, now a part of the Golden Gate National Recreation Area in San Francisco, California, United States. Historically a part of the Presidio of San Francisco, Crissy Field was closed as an airfield and eventually the National Park Service took control over it. While maintained by the United States Army, Crissy Field was heavily affected by the military's dumping of hazardous materials. In 1997, the park service began to clean up the area and in 2001 the Crissy Field Center opened to the public."

Plus d'infos ici.

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