jeudi 19 mai 2011

Indian Creek : Lifestyles of the Rich and Paranoid

Extraits de plusieurs articles du Miami Newstime portant sur l'île de Indian Creek à Miami. Une communauté fermée, autonome et insulaire de 33 luxury and exclusive villas :

"Indian Creek Village was founded on the lofty ideal that rich people need not share streets with the huddled masses. In 1939, the 660-acre man-made island just south of the 123rd Street Causeway — winter haven to FBI chief J. Edgar Hoover and the Woolworth family - incorporated to evade annexation by Surfside."

"The official seal of Indian Creek Village depicts a closed front gate. That's all the chic North Miami-Dade island's 33 multimillionaire residents want you to know. You're not welcome."

"In the few maps that record South Florida before the era of dredge-and-plat, Indian Creek Village survives as an obscure speck of land off the northern tip of Miami Beach. Originally earmarked to become part of a much larger manmade island, the islet was instead remodeled into a free-floating country club during the roaring Twenties.
Its topsoil, once sprinkled with mucks and peats, was reseeded in the fashion of an English countryside. A red-tiled clubhouse, designed to emulate a Spanish castle, came next. Rounded into a dainty fingertip and hemmed by concrete, the original plat, still in use, carved 41 bayfront lots from the horseshoe of land surrounding the golf course. A single, two-lane road connected Indian Creek to the outside world."

Indian Creek, à découvrir sur USanatomy en Juillet 2011

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